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Preview…titles for the first 10 chapters..

1. Levitate Like a Saint: Brueghel, Tarkowsky, St. Thomas Aquinas and Muhammad Ali.

2. It’s a Kind of Magical Sublime: Kant, Lyotard and Stevie Wonder.

3. The (UN) Locked Doors: Georg Simmel, Emile Durkheim, Ofra Haza and Bob Dylan.

4. Maim of Thornes: Marcus Aurelius and William Shakespeare.

5. Fool for a Day… Priest for a Lifetime: Leszek Kolakowski, Diogenes, Schopenhauer, and Talking Heads.

6. The Power Above: Zhang Zai, Spinoza, Sartre and Frankie goes to Hollywood.

7. God Only Loves: Spinoza, Hegel, Jacob and Rachel.

8. All That I Can See is Just another Lemon Sea: Fourier, Utopia and Time-Travel.

9. and (powerful) Justice for all: Chomsky and Foucault.

10. The Very Hungry Card: Aquinas, Buddhism, David Lynch and Eric Carle.

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